Virgin’s Prayer latex condom with extra tight sensation. The tip of the condom is covered with hard balls. With such contraception you will surely remember the first time you had sex.
Clockwork Temper reliable and durable condom. It is finished with a number of large dots located all around the condom. Both you and your partner will love them!
Flying Dutchman condom with a strip of elastic blue tendrils and another strip of antennae. Flying Dutchman will give you maximum pleasure ensuring high security.
Angel’s Kiss a condom made of cooling latex with three soft balls at the end. Custom size and shape of a condom can attract the attention of even the most experienced people.
Devill’s Tail made of most tender latex with soft tendrils spiraling towards the tip of the condom. These delicate tendrils are a great stimulant and it provides a beautiful way to discover new sensations by increasing the range of emotions from the process.
Red Kamikadze Презерватив, изготовленный из нежнейшего латекса, отделанный по всему диаметру своего конца мягкими усиками.
7th Heaven A condom with tiny antennae located on the edge. They will give incomparable sensation, when every cell of the body ignites from the flames of passionate lust. Soar to the height of unknown pleasure with this humble contraceptive with a spicy addition.
Banana Scream universal latex condom with beads for additional stimulation for your partner. Made of natural latex and is thoroughly lubricated.
Night Spy condom with elastic strip of small bumpy tendrils. They are designed for maximum pleasure and ensure high flexibility and security.
Shock Therapy Это презервативы с эластичными тройными усиками красного цвета.